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There must be an angel looking over your shoulder. There must be, even if you Don’t see it. There’s an Angel. You may be served a mimosa, Immediately. I am freedom with a… Continue reading

March 2013 – Ghosts, Heroes, Lovers and Monsters

1.  We Cast Pale Shadows We cast pale shadows after death. Not as before, A black and changing silhouette Etched on a solid surface By the sun. Or, diffused by friendly light Within… Continue reading

August 2012 (warning; strong image)

1.  Of Lemons and Lemon Tea     Oh frosty sunrise, if you please refill my cup of lemon tea warm pungent sip of citrus scent that wakes me up and sets me… Continue reading

July 2012

1.   Ramisi’s Fife   Come home now Ramasi Raise your eyes now Call your power now Don’t stay away Ramasi Don’t ignore us Play your flute It’s a time for standing now not… Continue reading


    Catch the fragrance on the suit, Of the man in the queue in front of you, Follow the creases as he sits, Right up to his face, This time, and notice,… Continue reading