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Every month “Ten of the Best” – Short poetry brings you ten of the most startling, evocative poems we have found, and can show, on the Web.

They come from many different sources but these are some of the most delightful pieces you will find anywhere, this month.

Are you a writer looking for some quick inspiration but are tired of having to trawl around endlessly, looking for work that is immediately effective?

Are you a reader who enjoys poetry but is looking for fresh, new thinking, cleanly presented?

“Ten of the Best” – short poetry brings you sharp, clear poetry in chunks that you can deal with.

We promise that if nothing else you will leave astonished that, quite simply, words move.

Please see our Submissions section if you would like to submit your work, and make sure you subscribe to receive “Ten of the Best” direct to your email once a month.

Prepare to fly.

The “Ten of the Best” – Short poetry Team